SERVICES That Add Value

Translation of all Microsoft Office formats

Whether you have a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation, I can translate it while preserving all formatting and settings – using SDL Trados Studio 2014, the world’s most powerful and widely used translation environment tool.


Translation of PDF files 

It is usually possible to translate PDF files after an automatic conversion to Word, should you not be able to provide the source files. 


Direct translation of Adobe InDesign files  

If your designer provides an Adobe InDesign idml file, I can return to you an English translation that can be imported automatically back into Adobe InDesign, saving you both time and money.

Glossary services

If you have already established the way that certain terms should be translated, I can import this glossary so that your terminology is always used. I can also develop glossaries for you upon request.

Rush services

Upon request I can often complete a translation order on the same day, overnight, or over the weekend.

TRANSLATIONS ThAT Don’t Seem like Translations


I can make your press releases, marketing materials, and other corporate communications sound like they were originally written in English, allowing your communication to be as effective as possible.


Only a talented and experienced translator develops a sense for how to make the leap between the literal representation of what was said and the true spirit of the message expressed in natural language. Truly competent translators don’t translate words, but instead convey meanings, and this often requires the use of idioms that sound nothing like the original but get the point across perfectly. I bring the experience needed to make this leap so that you get the results you are looking for. 

Customers Who Keep Coming Back



Matthew Hayworth

Satisfied clients

My customer base includes a mix of PR, advertising, and translation agencies as well as direct clients both in Europe and the United States. I have had the honor to serve many hundreds of clients directly or indirectly, and they keep coming back. That’s because they recognize the value of a perfectly crafted message. 

​I look forward to serving you as well.